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Membership Fees

Amenity Rates

Membership Fees for 2023 are seventy-three dollars per month and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Homes with sewer service should add thirty dollars per month and an additional nine dollars per month for trash pick-up.  The total fee is $ 114.50 per month.  The membership fee includes two memberships per household and all amenities are pay as you play.  This way you are only paying for what you are using.  The membership fee assists the community with the Fairfield Glade Police Department, mowing and care of public areas, and aids in the availability of an escrow account for community needs.   


All amenities are pay as you play with the exception of the Preferred Member Card, which allows members to receive a discounted rate.  Members in good standing are eligible to place an initial opening deposit of $600 on their member card to get Preferred Member discounted rates. Deposits are accepted at Golf, Tennis, or the Community and Conference Center. Each subsequent deposit is a minimum of $300.  Discounted Rates are available at the following locations.




In addition to usage for play at the areas above, the Preferred Member Card may be used for purchases at all point-of-sale locations including purchases, rentals, and dining.

Click on the picture below to see the complete list of rates.  

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